ExploraVision Awards

I’m going to spend all of Friday at the NSTA/Toshiba ExploraVision Awards in Washington DC. Twelve years ago I was on the winning team (with my friends Ranjit and Asad). The NSTA and Toshiba were kind enough to ask me if I wanted to come this year to meet the winners and say a few words at the awards banquet in the evening. As luck would have it, my high school fielded a team whose project took first place this year, so I’ll get to see my team’s coach and Biology teacher David Stone. I’m very excited and I’m sure the whole day will be a blast!


2 thoughts on “ExploraVision Awards

  1. I was the mom/mentor of one of the teams. We truly enjoyed your talk during the awards dinner! I realized how much our children had grown during the weekend in their ability to communicate their idea. I’d been stressing all weekend over this, but your talk showed me that this is part of the process as well and the process is more important than the result. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

    • Thanks for your kind words — I think having so many press commitments must have been so grueling for the kids. When we won it wasn’t nearly as involved.

      While these project ideas may not get developed into real products (although the EpiWatch sounds like a good one), the whole cycle of conceptualizing, planning, and then communicating is really the key to success everywhere, not just in science and engineering. Congratulations!

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