Visiting CUHK

I’m visiting the Chinese University of Hong Kong for the next 16 days, hosted by Sidharth Jaggi. I got in at 7 this morning after a 14 hour flight from San Francisco, and while jet lag has not completely overwhelmed me, my brain is a little slow. The bus ride from the airport to Sha Tin was quite beautiful, as the sun was just starting to burn off the fog. I’m staying on campus with a nice view from my window:

View from the guesthouse at CUHK

View from the guesthouse at CUHK

Blogging may be light or medium, depending on how loquacious my fingers feel. Probably light until I give my talk on Friday…


4 thoughts on “Visiting CUHK

  1. We went to Gaia Veggie Shop (大自然素食) in Mongkok for dinner. It’s an all-vegetarian place (with dishes containing egg marked on the menu). One of the dishes I liked best was a simple stir-fried pea shoots with ginger. I had forgotten how tasty pea shoots are, and the simplicity of the dish really brought out their flavor (this is the Cantonese style, I guess). The other option for dinner was Modern Toilet, a toilet-themed restaurant which may be worth a try later, although I was told the food wasn’t as good.

  2. Wow — that sounds amazing. Am very curious about the Modern Toilet restaurant — let me know when you go explore it.
    Btw Shanghai City in SD also has a nice pea-shoots dish, which your post made me nostalgic about. I think I’ll go get dinns at Shaighai City tonight 🙂

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