burning at both ends

I think I might be getting too old to have a 5 day workshop going on in the same week as a 2-hour choral concert.

Come to think of it, I’m leaving perfection and entering my prime (HT to Amittai).

I’ve been neglecting the old blog, so posts will be forthcoming on topics such as:

  1. a random sampling of talks at the ITA workshop that I attended
  2. recent reads
  3. etc.

Maybe if I promise something in public I’ll follow through with it?


One thought on “burning at both ends

  1. Happy birthday, old fart!

    Amittai apparently stole the line I was going to use about you being the prime example of what happens when a person spends too long being perfect. (His version sounds kinder than mine…)

    Isn’t being 7 great?

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