Professorial Hotness

Via Crooked Timber (where else?) comes a report of a paper on RateMyProfessor that looks at the Hotness of profs across different fields. It’s a bit weird to me that all of Engineering gets lumped into one category (but Marketing gets its own?), but at least its a mite above Computer Science. At Berkeley the CS people emphasize that they are in their own “division” — they want to create a distance from the EE country cousins I guess. Of course, there it’s Computer Sciences — would more science make them hotter or notter?

When you’re at the bottom of the chart you take solace in small things. Even the Math folks are hotter than us! It must be the sarongs.


One thought on “Professorial Hotness

  1. I’m always a little surprised to find that some schools offer majors in “engineering” rather than specific types of engineering. Of course, friends from said school are surprised that I expect every school to offer 10 kinds of engineering majors.

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