amusing footnote in Symmetric Functions and Hall Polynomials

In I.G. Macdonald’s Symmetric Functions and Hall Polynomials, on page 2 there is the following comment on the standard way to write down diagrams of partitions and tableaux:

Some authors (especially Francophones) prefer the convention of coordinate geometry (in which the first coordinate increases from left to right and the second coordinate from bottom to top) and define the diagram of \lambda to be the set of (i,j) \in \mathbf{Z}^2 such that 1 \le i \le \lambda_j. Readers who prefer this convention should read this book upside down in a mirror.

Oh, snap!


Yudof and accountability

The University of California wants to “provide greater accountability at the institution after several years of criticism by lawmakers and others who viewed the president’s office as bloated and unresponsive.” This comes not that long after a major strike by service workers over wage stagnation. Meanwhile, despite a budget crisis, the university spends $10m renovating Yudof’s house. The longer you put off renovation the more expensive things are, so it needs to be done now. Besides, a house lasts a long time while the meal eaten by janitor’s kid is gone in 30 minutes.