more chapter headings

So my thesis is almost in to my committee, but I keep making cosmetic changes. After dinner I didn’t feel capable of editing the main text, so I finished up adding in the chapter headings. I think they might imply I’m a bit more cynical than I am, but…

Auch Kleine Dinge

List decoding for discrete AVCs
I\'ve Got A Little List

Derandomization for discrete AVCs
It\'s De-Lovely

Limited feedback and rateless coding
Song Von Der Ware

Continuous AVCs : the Gaussian case
Beau Soir

Looking Ahead
Innocent When You Dream


One thought on “more chapter headings

  1. I’m pretty sure the last note of De-Lovely should be an octave higher than you have it.

    Or maybe that’s just how it is in the versions I have as a style thing. (And the version I arranged was four parts, so it had both notes.)

    … upon checking the lead sheet, the high F is the optional ending note. So whatever — I am just being anal-retentive because I can.

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