Links in lieu of posting

Amardeep Singh on interviewing survivors of Partition. See also the Sepia Mutiny version.

Fry and Laurie on Language (HT: Crooked Timber).

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences by Eugene Wigner (yes the same Wigner from random matrix theory) (HT Adam).

An important test about bicycling (HT Morgan).

An interesting read, given that I acted in Harvest, an article on surrogate mothers in India (HT Mimosa). Strangely, it mentions “Anand, a city in the eastern state of Gujarat.” Who knew?

An excerpt from Man of the Heart, a play about Lalon Phokir by Sudipto Chatterjee and directed by Suman Mukherjee. I did lights for the original workshop and a performance in Irvine. This video is from a production in Kolkata, for which they made several changes in the production and design.

A MetaFilter post on Çatalhöyük, which sounds like a fascinating place to visit if I ever get to go to Turkey again.

In other news, my thesis draft is now 200 pages. Hopefully it will become more readable soon.

UPDATE : This class looks totally awesome, except that I would probably want to have more plays on the syllabus and maybe expand it to include science and engineering. The Alchemist and Galileo are recognizable choices, but there’s also more contemporary stuff, like The Water Engine. In some sense this would make an ideal graduate seminar…