SF Fringe : The Sewers

On Tuesday R and I saw The Sewers, a production from the New York theater company Banana Bag and Bodice. The play was part of the SF Fringe Festival, and is running through this weekend. I really enjoyed this play — the visual elements, disjointed narrative, and intense performances were exactly the kind of theater I’ve been itching to see:

This show is a conjuring act; an entire, albeit, tiny village by the name of The Sewers mysteriously appears one night in the theatre. All the children are dead. An acid plant in a barn. A triangular shaped love tryst. This show is a tour de force by manipulation.

If you are a fan of Richard Foreman, you will like it for sure, I think — it was done at the Ontological Theater in NY. The best thing about it is that it affects you in a way that is hard to articulate, and the process of trying to express to yourself what you think about it is fodder for hours of thought. Go see it!


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