you say routing, I say routing…

Let’s call the whole thing off. One might say the enemy army was “routed,” but do we ever use the word “routing” in that sense? It sounds wrong to me — does it only appear as a participle?

In the networking context though, people say “routing” either to rhyme with “pouting” or with “tooting.” I’d use the latter for “route 66” but I usually use the former for networking.

In case these linguistic musings bore people, fear not — I will write about other things soon.

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0 thoughts on “you say routing, I say routing…

  1. From Wikipedia…..

    A rout is commonly defined as a chaotic and disorderly retreat or withdrawal of troops from a battlefield, resulting in the victory of the opposing party….

  2. Completely OT, but did you attend Uni High in Urbana, IL? If not, oh well.

    Back on OT, row-ted the enemy and row-ting network traffic are the only times the word “route” should be pronounced as such.

  3. Indeed I did attend Uni High.

    But to address my esteemed father’s comments, my point is about the pronunciation of “route” versus “route” and then the gerund of the two. Prof. Pursley says “rooting” along with others, but then there is a group that says “rowting.” Is there regional bias, or is it all a matter of taste?

  4. As far as I know, it’s pronounced both ways in the US and there is no regional bias. People who say “Root” 66 also say “rowter” when referring to the network device. I believe it’s a matter of how you were originally introduced to the word.

    Did it really irritate you when folks referred to you as Bob at Uni High?

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