The Phrontistery

Via the NPL mailing list, I learned of The Phrontistery, a collection of “lost words” which are non-spelling-variant, non-regional Modern English words with entries in the OED that do not (obviously) appear elsewhere on the web. There are some great words in there — I highly recommend them the next time you need to fulfill your hemerine serving of traboccant verbiage.

(I hope blogging with these words doesn’t remove them from the list!)

Update: Missing E (for Erin) added in title.

One thought on “The Phrontistery

  1. 1) Check your spelling on the title of this post.

    2) The list includes the word bovine, which I see in use all the time, usually in reference to the Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH). Thus, I doubt your blogging will remove words from the lists.

    3) I’m thinking our next hunt team name should come from this list.

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