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My officemate Pulkit Grover seems to have a super-secret blog that he hasn’t officially told anyone about but appends to his signature file. Sneaky…

Terence Tao, super-genius, also has a blog, where he talks about many things of a mathematical nature that I can almost grasp.


Choralis Debut Concert

This is the last concert I have lined up for a little while, and it’s with an outstanding group of singers. Of course, most people who read this blog and could go have already been spammed by me, but linking helps with’s page rank, right?

Choralis Photo

From Renaissance to Romantic to Recent

Saturday, June 2, 2007 -8pm
Trinity Episcopal Church
1668 Bush St, San Francisco

Choralis, the Bay Area’s newest vocal ensemble, will make its debut in San Francisco performing a selection of a capella choral works for chamber choir. Conductor Richard Sparks will lead the ensemble through both beloved and commanding works of Tallis, Lotti, Kuhnau, Rheinberger, Thompson, Lauridsen, Mäntyjärvi, and others.

Admission: suggested $10 donation

To learn more or to reserve seating, visit the Choralis website or e-mail

Rebekah Wu, Manager – 415-439-4498