Barry Glassner on food

Salon’s interview with Barry Glassner is really interesting. What’s nice is that he brings up the way in which the organic/healthy/no-trans-fat/etc food movement ignores the glaring issues of class (and race, reading between the lines) that are the real problem in our society. While it would be nice if we ate healthier, these healthy meals have to be affordable and efficient to those with the fewest resources (time and money) to spend on meals. I might get his book (from the library) to get more of the details.

(via Winnie’s post at get in my belly.)

0 thoughts on “Barry Glassner on food

  1. I think LaSalle Bank did a study of what they called “food deserts” in Chicago, i.e. areas where you can’t get anything but fast food and convenience store crap. It might be good companion reading.

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