0 thoughts on “hoodlums

  1. Our pumpkin ended up smashed across the street. Which is one of those things I just don’t get. I mean, I sort of understand cow-tipping. There is a bit of sport in it, and there’s no harm, except perhaps to the cow’s dignity. But destroying a pumpkin? Pumpkins aren’t known for their durability. No one ever names a power tool or a pick-up truck after pumpkins. No one ever says “it’s tough as a pumpkin.” So what exactly does taking it and destroying it prove?

  2. dada, I think you’re mistaken. there is a long and proud history of tough pumpkins. the pumpkins were the first in the West to fight savage hordes of easterners pawing at the gates of christendom. the pumpkins were the first great pioneers to claim this land in the name of God and Queen. the pumpkins are our most loyal citizens, and i will always proudly wear the hat that I received from an older pumpkin veteran in ’91, the hat that reads, “Hey Saddam, Read My Pumpkins”.

    I’ve completely lost my mind.

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