Macaca and George Allen

Senator George Allen (R-VA), in reference to an American-born citizen, S.R. Sidarth :

This fellow here over here with the yellow shirt, Macaca, or whatever his name is. He’s with my opponent… Lets give a welcome to Macaca, here. Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia.

This casual racism gives lie to the claims of “non-racism” made by so many people in the US. In the case of the American who has never met a person of South Asian descent, such bigoted remarks may best be explained by ignorance combined with immersion in a culture that resists difference. But for an elected representative who cannot possibly claim inexperience, it reveals a deliberate and ingrained racism that colors every decision. Maybe he hasn’t really outgrown his high school years, when he sported the confederate flag. Via TPM.

Update : Video.

0 thoughts on “Macaca and George Allen

  1. Disturbing, all of it.

    I was in Seattle this weekend & stopped for gas about 30 miles north of there, and was parked next to a jacked-up matte-black pickup, Washington plates, with…two Confederate flag stickers on the back window. In the South, there’s a lot of lipservice given to “heritage, not hate”…but if you’re in Washington state, there’s precious little chance of it being “heritage”. Not that that’s really a valid excuse in any case, but here it was just baffling, and frightening as well.

  2. George Allen is famous in Virginia for being a twit. My brother worked with one of Allen’s law school classmates, who averred that the guy was such an incomparable buffoon (i.e., the class nitwit) that it makes him angry to this day that he’s in a position of power. This is just a little more proof.

  3. You can’t be serious? Ignorance? Who on earth are you trying to play up here? This is simply retarded. You at once accuse Senator Allen of knowing Latin (or at the very least, European racial slurs) and being ignorant? You really want to go down that road?

    This is just some gimp out looking for attention. Might it occur to anyone with half a brain that the numbskull got called out because he was the only Webb supporter at the event and was pestering Allen constantly? The kid deserved to be called whatever he got. I mean reall, who was the one interjecting race in here?

    If you’ve ever heard of the term macaca, you’re obviously more erudite in vulgarity than I. And if you’re going to make that claim, frankly, I also think you’re full of it.

    Yeah, Allen was just practicing his Latin there…right…. way to streeeeeetch.

  4. I have to agree with Jenna. I don’t think you can call Sen. Allen an idiot in one sentence and then accuse him of using the word “Macaca” as a racial slur. Lets face it, its really not a “racial slur” – its the Genus classification for a monkey:
    Suborder: Anthropoidea
    Infraorder: Catarrhini
    Superfamily: Cercopithecoidea
    Family: Cercopithecidae
    Subfamily: Cercopithecinae
    Genus: Macaca
    Species: fascicularis

    And yes, I had to look it up, even with a B.S, MBA, and JD. I grew up in Virginia, I went to William and Mary, and UVA – I think I got a pretty good education and I had no idea what that meant – you expect that Senator Allen did?

    But wait, he is an idiot…right?

  5. Recent commenters seem to be unable to read. I draw a distinction between someone who is ignorant and Sen. Allen quite clearly.

    The current “defense” offered by Jenna and Emma is that the Senator is in fact a quite intelligent person who knew full well he was calling the only non-white American in the crowd a monkey. And this proves what, exactly? That he isn’t a racist?

    Allen is an out-and-out bigot who doesn’t deserve the time of day, let alone a Congressional office. It’s time to give him the boot.

  6. George Allen can be ignorant in many ways and yet, due to his heritage (i.e., his mother was multilingual and grew up partially in North Africa, where this slur would be common), still know what “macaca” means.

  7. Jenna and Emma don’t seem to understand some basics about racism… whether Allen called Sidharth “macaca” in order to intentionally use a francophone anti-Black racial slur or just to mock his name using a strange-sounding word singling out the one brown person in the room, doesn’t really matter, although it may be an interesting exploration.

    The point is that he saw the one brown person in the room and used his obvious difference to insult/mock him. He wouldn’t have called a white kid with a mohawk “macaca”. Then he was reminded – randomly, right? – of the War on “Terror”. Too many obvious connections. It is a racialized moment wherein Allen called upon something mutually understood by a crowd of right-wing whites to make some kind of point, and to not-so-subtly appeal to communal feelings of race and nation… too obvious, y’all. Too obvious.

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