LaTeX figure repository

I’m pretty picky about figures for LaTeX documents now, and I hate having to make new figures from scratch since it takes forever. So a little while ago I got this free wiki called ThousandWords to hold figures that I had made and make them (along with relevant code) available to others. At the moment it’s pretty sparse — just a few things here and there that I put up — but it would be great to have more. In particular, right now it’s all information theory, signal processing, and networking, and there’s no reason (beyond disk space) that it can’t be more diverse.

So if any readers of this blog want to put up figures of their own for public use, let me know!


“The traveller must, of course, always be cautious of the overly broad generalisation”

George Saunders visits the UK.

But I am an American, and a paucity of data does not stop me from making sweeping, vague, conceptual statements and, if necessary, following these statements up with troops.

Furthermore, I feel confident that the discovery, by my countrymen, of the unique British delicacy called “fish and chips” would put an end to American obesity for ever.