tracks [traveling thither and yon]

One of three compilations on which I’m working, and the first to be finished. This is for Deb — a fanciful voyage thither and yon, since she can’t seem to stay in one place for more than a year. Pretty standard stuff — I always pick the same few artists over and over again.

1. Mona Liao Announcement (Michael Ouellette/Carolyn Chen)
2. Get Out Of Town (Ella Fitzgerald/Cole Porter)
3. Positively 4th Street (Bob Dylan)
4. Downtown Train (Tom Waits)
5. Come Back From San Francisco (Magnetic Fields)
6. Road To Nowhere (Talking Heads)
7. Alabama-Song (Ute Lemper/Kurt Weill)
8. Take Me Home Country Roads (John Denver)
9. Take The A Train (Duke Ellington)
10. Yellow Submarine (The Beatles)
11. A Foggy Day (Dakota Staton)
12. Le Bateau Ivre (Charlie Hunter Quintet)
13. Siberian Sleighride (Raymond Scott)
14. Thousands Are Sailing (The Pogues)
15. Fujiyama (Dave Brubeck)
16. Fly Me To The Moon (Frank Sinatra)
17. World Weary (Noël Coward)


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