three quotes from James Munkres

I found these on a post-it note from his book Topology. I took the class in spring 2000, which feels like ages ago. He ended up writing me a recommendation letter for grad school, so I suppose I have him to thank for where I am now.

  • [2/22/00] (on the topological definition of continuity) “All this exists in the never-never land of abstract set theory.”
  • [3/17/00] “History’s dead.”
  • [4/7/00] “If somebody said I was completely normal, I’d hit them.”

I have more quotes somewhere in my notes for the class, but I have no idea where those are. I have tons of juicy quotes in my probability notes, but those have been AWOL for years, more’s the pity.

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4 thoughts on “three quotes from James Munkres

  1. You know, if you had waited a year to take 18.901, we could have been in the same class. That seems odd to me, for whatever reason. Of course, had you taken in it in Spring 2001 like I did, you would have had a terrible lecturer who you probably wouldn’t have asked for a recommendation. But maybe if I had waited to take it when Munkres taught it instead of being a gung ho frosh, I would have actually enjoyed it and not given up on theory so quickly.

    (No wait — I did enjoy the subject matter. I dropped theory because I started calculating the topology of my bowl of frosted flakes (they were grouping into nice algebraic sets) and decided that I was too far removed from reality.)

  2. I think that the last oen is my personal favourite. Although I’d probably amend it to having them committed instead of hitting them.

  3. Two more James Munkres quotes:

    “To a reader of Playboy, all women are isomorphic with respect to certain dimensions… ok, now I’m back in vector spaces.”
    “I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into each next level of abstraction.”

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