cambridge and coffee

I spent the morning reading and working in the 1369 Coffeehouse in Central Square. It was like the good old days except that this time I had a laptop. Perhaps it’s just me being wistful and reminiscing, but I find the coffeehouses in Cambridge/Somerville significantly better than the ones in Berkeley. Maybe it’s because the weather makes you appreciate them more.

The music was perfect — Gotan Project, Tosca, and Django Reinhardt. I feel like I’m home.


0 thoughts on “cambridge and coffee

  1. Dude. At least you’re not stuck looking for a decent cup of coffee in Oxford. There are a couple of Italian cafes that are pretty good, but lack of access to good, cheap coffee is one of my biggest wants in the UK.

  2. there are some good coffeehouses in the east bay, but they’re harder to find. the Nomad’s allright (and C. is working there again this semester…), and Mama Buzz down on 20th & Telegraph is a neat little place. L’Amyx over by where i live isn’t bad, either, though it’s a bit on the yuppie/pricey side…but they do seem to have a knitnight and a chess/Go night. Gaylord’s (same neighborhood) also seems like a decent place for hanging out or working, and both are open late. Au Coquelet doesn’t suck, but it also doesn’t have the same sort of ambiance.

  3. jeff: what, you don’t have Beanscene coffees for 2.50 squid a pop?? and every tenth one is free! such a bargain! no Starbucks, either? if that’s too rich for your blood, most places will sell you a Typhoo teabag in a styrofoam cup for a pound (50p if yer lucky).

    I take it you’re not a fan of the Nescafe freeze-dried stuff? It’s like this country never got the memo in the 80s: Sanka sucks.

  4. Maybe the pastries are better? I found that to be true in New York, compared to the average Berkeley café. Plus, all the good cafes here are over crowded.

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