0 thoughts on “research abstracts

  1. The person who writes the play is only a part of the whole production. Maybe the author didn’t realize that. If in fact she wants her exact view put on stage, she should direct and produce it as well. But maybe that is a lot of work…

    A play comes to life in stage. At least for me, how you interpret the text is itself an essential part of it. If one doesn’t want any deviations from the original, either just publish a book and be done with it or do the whole production by themselves…

    I have seen such disagreements before in brazilian plays. The author many times “feel” the play wasn’t understood or done the way they wanted it. But in some cases, they were offered to be producers but refused… So, my view is that it is just an ego clash. The author believes the whole thing is his/him. The audience believes the whole thing is the play, which is closer to the truth I think.

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