tracks X

This is for a special someone working for the Peace Corps in Senegal…

1. This Means You (Talib Kweli feat. Mos Def)
2. Non Je ne Regrette rien (Edith Piaf)
3. The Dark Of The Matinée (Franz Ferdinand)
4. Sinnerman (Nina Simone, remixed by Felix Da Housecat)
5. Forever Young (Bob Dylan)
6. Passing By (Zero 7)
7. SOS elephants (Les Sans Culottes)
8. Sparks (Röyksopp)
9. Walking Through The Darkness (Tekitha)
10. Dumbala Dumba (Taraf de Haidouks)
11. Oo-de-lally (from Disney’s Robin Hood)
12. H.C.Q. Strut (Django Reinhardt)
13. Uleg-Khem (Hun Huur Tu and Kronos Quartet)
14. Sumpin New (Coolio)
15. I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (Billie Holiday)
16. Busby Berkeley Dreams (The Magnetic Fields)

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