0 thoughts on “In case anyone from Urbana reads this…

  1. Is it at all intimidating that a friend of yours from high school is both a business owner and a home owner?

    I’m not nearly ready to be that settled down.

  2. Well, he did start working there when he was in college. And they’re a cool consulting company. As for the home ownership — property is not nearly as expensive in Urbana as it is in Boston or the Bay Area, so it’s more feasible to pay down a mortgage even if you know you’re only going to be there 5 years or something.

  3. The average life of the American mortgage is about 7 years. As long as the property appreciates in value, there’s usually not much trouble in paying off the balance on one mortgage and pocketing a nice profit. This is one area where Urbana may lag over a hot property town like Chicago, Boston or the Bay Area, though – property doesn’t appreciate in value quite as dramatically in Chambana.

  4. Is this the Brandon you told me I should totally meet, oh, about a decade ago because you thought I’d like him?

    Because he’s definitely kind of cute 😉

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