Paris Combo

I saw the Paris Combo at the Somerville Theater last night with an assortment of friends. It had been a long time since I saw a show there. It’s a lovely venue, not too big and good visibility. The combo were very good, very French — a little combo of Serge Gainsbourg and Django Reinhardt influences, but very tight playing and singing. If you like Gypsy swing music (like Reinhardt), French cafe chansons, or bands like Pink Martini, Paris Combo are worth checking out. It would be really fantastic to have them play in a small club, where we had a seat at a table with a bottle of Beaujolais. We were up in the balcony in the back, where the seats are so small and the rows so narrow that even I had issues fitting into the seat. Luckily I escaped the horrible knee pain that afflicted Erin and other members of our party. Afterwards we went to cozy Croatian restaurant near Teale square, where I had ouzo and olives. It’s a combination that’s growing on me, slowly.

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  1. … and by horrible knee pain, he means that not only were my legs smushed up against the seats ahead of me, but my left knee got pinched when the couple sitting in those seats decided to lean into each other and shrink the gap between their backrests where my knee was semi-comfortably situated.

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