One awesome and one not-so-awesome thing

Awesome thing: Jack Silverstein posted a reference to a paper of his in response to an earlier posting — I had looked at other papers of his but not the one he cited. I probably didn’t find it due to incompetence on my part, but maybe this blogging thing is sometimes useful.

Not-so-awesome thing: My department’s reliance on IT infrastructure that always seems to be breaking/undergoing upgrades. I know I was spoiled by MIT, but is it too much to ask to have some sort of redundant backup of the mailserver so that service doesn’t go down for hours at a time? Maybe it’s time to get Gmail…


0 thoughts on “One awesome and one not-so-awesome thing

  1. Hey Anand, I’ve got plenty of Gmail invitations left if you’d like one. I just don’t know to which particular address they should be sent. Let me know and you’ll have one post-haste.

  2. Well, thank you Anonymous Reviewer, if it was you who posted the reference. Although at the moment it seems like I’m going to try a more ad-hoc approximation to solve my little clustering problem.

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