breaka breaka dawn

I was up until 4 revising my roomate Dustin’s website before he heads off to Siggraph. That boy is eternally on the hunt for a job, but the world of animation is rough and tumble. I was also having crazy flashbacks to mystery hunt website coding. My only real comment about the whole ordeal is that I absolutely hate IE and it’s ridiculous non-compliancy with CSS. Trying to figure out some obscure resizing hack at 2 in the morning to make IE/Win even render your page is like shaving with a dull rusty scythe.

Speaking of shaving, pictures coming soon.

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0 thoughts on “breaka breaka dawn

  1. You know, I look around Dustin’s website, especially at the Perfect Fifth flyer on this page and I think, “Gee, Dustin really likes Anand.” And then it occurs to me that you updated his website, and I get suspicious.

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