princess leia

I wen to a songs and stories night at a coop named Lothlorien (yes, it is actually called that) in Berkeley. It was pretty packed. People were passing around bottles of wine and other things, performers would get up and do their thing, there would be applause, etc. All in all, a very Berkeley experience, almost stereotypically so. They have very strong communities here because of the coop system, and although I was an outsider, it was nice to see that kind of atmosphere in a place. It reminded me a lot of certain parties I had been to in Champaign-Urbana.

One set of lyrics stood out from the rest. it was an original song performed by two women dressed in white robe-like outfits with rope belts and their hair in buns. The background was from a projector showing Star Wars. The chorus:

I want your lightsaber in me
Use the force, use the force, use the force

It felt very sci-fi Liz Phair. Classic.