non-dangling conversations

I had three really good conversations with friends recently, but unfortunately only one of them was with someone local. Walking with Dave Taylor from downtown at midnight and talking about life and math and work and love made me realize how short the walk home really is. I caught up on the phone with Deb and talked about buildings and theater and life after school and the acting bug. And then I talked with Dustin about renovating your life, just obsessing about some new thing for a month as means of reinvigorating yourself, how to clear out back tension, and real life human ninjas. As I told Dave — if every night could be like those then my life would be most blessed.

I would issue a desultory philippic, but the urge to rant has left me of late. Perhaps it’s this Shins‘ album, Chutes Too Narrow, which is pretty good. Other fun new music in my ears comes from Les Sans Culottes. And now to finish my taxes. Vile ravishing (and impovrishing) beasts that they are. In California we write our check to the Franchise Tax Board, which, as Josh Kornbluth pointed out, sounds like a Mafioso family.

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0 thoughts on “non-dangling conversations

  1. Two words – Turbo Tax. One more- e-file. Got my refund back within a week. And considering the size of the refund, I was glad to get it. This was probably a one-off thing – I’ll probably be subject to the “marriage penalty” from here on out.

  2. I would do my best to have a conversation with you, but it’s a little hard from the other side of the world 🙂 On the plus side though, I’m hard at work on a hand-written letter to you!

    And Turbo Tax rocks. When I can get a refund in KARACHI? You know something’s right with the world.

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