Apparently in Minnesota they say “Duck Duck Grey Duck,” which is somewhat absurd to me. It’s “Duck Duck Goose.” Perhaps the Harvard people who did the Soda/Pop/Coke survey know more about it and can give an authoritative answer. Another variation is “Goose Goose Gander.” You get your choice of -ists: racist (grey duck), sexist (gander) and speciesist (goose).

4 thoughts on “gander

  1. If it’s “Duck, duck, grey duck” you can be more creative:

    “Red duck, yellow duck, polka-dot duck, plaid duck, bearded duck, etc”

    and then comes the big fake out:

    “… gr… een duck”

    See, if it’s “Duck, duck, goose” then as soon as you start the g-sound, they know what’s coming and can start getting up to chase you earlier. This is much more fun — and kids prefer to laugh at the various kinds of ducks you come up with instead of just repeating the word “duck” over and over.

    Also, it’s definitely pop over soda.

  2. This will go into my upcoming book: MINNESOTA: A LAND OF FREAKS. Pretty much every detail I’ve ever heard from a native Minnesotan paints a picture of a freakish landscape not unlike that observed by the Opportunity Mars Rover. Also, what the fuck is a hotdish?

    Hell, they don’t even have any real cities. They cobbled together two in order to get a half-assed metropolis. Bah.

  3. That’s true — they did elect a pro wrestler as governor. Of course, I live in California now, so I suppose I can’t really mock Minnesota for their gubernatorial choices.

  4. ok honestly, is minnesota just trying to troll the rest of the country? there’s no other possible explanation for any of the things that i hear about from this state.

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