new(ish) things I like

I steal from my friends, but as Martha Graham once observed, that’s where the best ideas come from.

  • Watch That Page is gonna save me hours of my life. Thanks, Manu!
  • All my new Brazil stories that I can tell. Thanks, Ram!
  • Improvisation for the Theater, by Spolin. I’ve only flipped through it, so far, but it looks really good. Thanks, Adam!
  • My new monkey socks! Thanks, Robin!
  • My digeridoo, which still eludes me producing a consistent sound out of it, but goddamn it, I will master the damn thing. Thanks, Dada!
  • The cool espresso thing that my roommies got me. They’re the best ever! Thanks, Christy and Dustin!
  • My KALX hoodie. So stylish, it’s bound to get alllll the ladeez. Thanks, Dan!

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