citrus maxima

I had a Pummelo today, and it was pretty tasty. Sweeter than a grapefruit, but with those huge cells of pulp that grapefruit has. It occurs to me that I don’t know what the cells in citrus fruits are called other than “pulp,” but pulp to me connotes the squished up cells. But the Latin name for the Pummelo is Citrus Maxima, which is just awesome. Apparently it’s a precursor to the grapefruit.

Why is it that when I want to sneeze, looking at a bright light will induce the sneeze? I was told once that it was a male thing only, but that has since been refuted.

I met a freshman who doesn’t know who Aerosmith is. I think talking to undergrads is bad for my sanity.

0 thoughts on “citrus maxima

  1. Nope — they were not an underrepresented minority. But that’s not the point — at a certain point in time Aerosmith was as unavoidable as Nelly is now. Even if you had not heard any Aerosmith songs, you would still know they were a band.

  2. Here is some information on photic sneezers – put together by those who have the reflex.

    Early research pointed to more males than females with photic sneezing, but it in fact seems to be distributed evenly among the sexes. It sometimes favours one sex in a family – in mine only some of the males have it.

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