up far too early

I am up far too early, trying to make my real brain work so I can make the simulated brain in MATLAB that I’ve been working on work, and frankly, I think they’re both completely fucked.

Went to see a reading of Denis Johnson’s new play at Intersection on Monday. The first half was hilarious, almost George F. Walker-esque in its absurdity and level of violence. The second half was much much slower. Some funny lines:

“You were diggin’ that hole like China had a hold of your balls.”

“He was lovin’ her like a monkey on a motor scooter.”

“Poison is undetectable in raw, unpasteurized milk.”

“Want some coffee? It has tequila in it.” “I see the coffee, but not the tequila.” “Oh, curses!”

There was a lot of stuff on mercury poisoning in the play, which is interesting. I think my knowledge of mercury poisoning begins and ends at the Mad Hatter. Who I strangely sympathize with now.

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