Crepes de Marrakech

Corner of Shattuck and Addison in Downtown Berkeley

I have been to this place a few times, and it’s always been pretty good. The food is not fantastic, but there is a lot of it, and it’s all tasty. The menu is pretty diverse — sandwiches, crepes, and some kebab-type dishes as well. I almost always get a savory crepe, which run about $6.50 – $7. They have several options — latin spice, bombay curry, a “cannelloni”, chicken pesto, and so on, including several vegetarian options. The plate comes with the crepe, a salad, and a generous helping of potatoes cooked with rosemary. I found it pretty filling — don’t go here if you’re looking for a light meal. The dessert crepes are pretty good as well, but also pretty standard, and they run about $3-5.

The decor nothing fantastic, but in the evenings when it’s less crowded they play Arabic pop music, which is always entertaining. At lunch it gets pretty crowded and the service is slow. I think it makes a pretty good place for an early-evening dinner before going to a movie.


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