terrible writing

I was too lazy to bike all the way uphill on Hearst so I parked my bike near Tolman Hall and grabbed the Daily (or bi-weekly) Cal to read on the hike up. It being a slow news day, I ended up reading a terrible article on some Raiders player who used to play for Berkeley. The gist was that because he played well under a new coach at Berkeley, he will play well under a new coach for the Raiders. With such stunning leaps of logical deduction, pinning correlation to causation, I am led to conclude that the world of Berkeley sports writers consists largely of complete idiots. I honestly think that reading articles like that makes one dumber.


tracks deux

Another recent mix, this time heavier on the jazz and techno:

1. Count Five Or Six — Cornelius
2. Anarchy In The UK — Sex Pistols
3. No Diggity — Black Street feat. Dr. Dre
4. Turkish Mambo — Lenny Tristano
5. Changui — Charlie Hunter
6. Broken Skin — Nitin Sawhney
7. Life/Death (w/Mikah 9) — Prefuse 73
8. Annanas — Tosca
9. Mescal — Alter Ego
10. Since I Left You — The Avalanches
11. Moves — Charles Mingus
12. Fugata — Astor Piazzola, performed by Yo-Yo Ma
13. Boplicity — Miles Davis
14. Watermelon Man — Mongo Santamaria
15. Spybreak! — Propellerheads
16. Matter Of Fact — Roni Size/Reprazent

two interesting things

Apparently marinara is named after mariners. Something about being able to keep on long sea voyages. At least according to my southern Italian cookbook.

From A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius:

After graduating he tried Chicago first, but was tired of constantly running into people from Champaign. They were all there, the whole school — so few make it out of the state. To most, Chicago was Oz, anything beyond it was China, the moon.