sun, sea, but no air

Yes, I have arrived in Rio! When I return, there will be pictures. I have even tanned a bit. Actually, people here assume I speak Portuguese, and I have managed to gain a rudimentary grasp of 3-4 phrases, including “I don’t speak Portuguese” (não falo portugues) and “one caipirinha please” (uma caipirinha, por favor). I think it’s that people here are all different colors, and the society seems much more homogenized than in the US. This is just my naïve interpretation though — perhaps racial divisions are still strong here, but it just doesn’t seem possible, given the physical appearance of the population.

I am here with my friend Ram (warning: in Portuguese), and staying with his family. It’s been a blast so far, and there’s still a whole week left. I’ve discovered a new kind of music that I like, called forró, but I can’t dance to it. Maybe I will take some classes while I’m here, or learn how to samba or something. I’m too much of a chicken when it comes to dancing.

On a side note, green coral is pretty awesome looking. And the ocean is really salty, a fact that I had somehow forgotten in the many years that have passed since I last went for a dip.

I am chickening out on the “hang gliding tour of Rio,” because (a) it’s kind of pricey, (b) I’m not sure I could handle it, and (c) my parents would probably freak out. I already run enough of a risk walking around Rio, given the insanity of the drivers here. And here I don’t have as many friends to take care of me. Or land on top of me. But no more morbid thoughts, I’m off to enjoy the sun.

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